Year in Review

I was thinking about summing up 2013 on this blog, since it really was an incredible year for me fly fishing wise.  Then google+ sent me this video.  They really did a great job.

Happy New Year!


Early Winter Fishing Report, Gunpowder Falls


Snowy scene
Gunpowder in December

I’d heard that the Gunpowder made for tough fishing in the winter.  That may still prove to be true, but in terms of numbers and size of fish my first December here has been as good as any month so far this year.

I have shifted almost completely away from dry flies, fishing small (size 18 and 20) zebra midges mostly.  This pattern was extremely effective the first two weeks of December, including some days with water temps in the high 30’s.  Other small midgelike patterns have shown some promise as well.  You can see my go-to fly so far this winter if you zoom in on this trout…

Wild Brown Trout
Winter trout

Here’s a closeup:

Zebra Midge
Zebra Midge

I’m not a great fly tier.  The trout don’t seem to mind that much. The tungsten bead head helps the fly get down into the slow moving water in deep pools, where fish seem to concentrate when the water is colder.  7x tippet also seems to lead to more hookups.

Seeking out warmer stretches of water is becoming important.  I carry a thermometer and test the water frequently–a warmer stretch of water will likely hold more and more active fish.