Gunpowder Fishing Report, 9/17/14

So…. the semester started and with it my other job, limiting my fishing for a few weeks.  The days I have been out, though, it’s been pretty stellar.

Brown trout caught flyfishing gunpowder falls md
Standard Gunpowder Brown

Three things to note if you are going out.  The first is a fact, the second two are my observations.  First, the water is LOW.  Second, tricos are abundant.  Find a hatch and you will find good fishing.  Usually mornings and slow pools are your best bets.  Third, try a beetle.  I had a ridiculous half hour of fishing right before I had to leave this afternoon with a beetle pattern.  Caught a bunch of browns and this (apparently stocked) rainbow.

Rainbow trout flyfishing Gunpowder Fallls Md
Rainbow swimming away

I don’t get too excited about the size of stocked fish, but with the sparsity of large fish on the Gunpowder, it’s nice to hook into a fish that pushes 14 inches.  You’ll have to take my word for it though, since this is the only shot I got.