Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.  Here’s wishing you health, happiness and tight lines in 2015!

Flyfishing Aruba
Happy Holidays from Aruba

Looking into the new year, expect to see at least weekly Gunpowder fishing reports, as well as destination reports from rivers in Maryland and further afield. Hope you are enjoying the blog.  Now get out there and catch some fish!


Gunpowder Fishing Report, Week of 12/1/2014

This time of year, it seems that nothing is constant except change.  Air temps in the high 60’s give way to sleet, rain, or snow the following day.  Still, the trout are there and willing to take the right well presented fly.  I continue to focus almost exclusively on nymphs (see my post from last week), and continue to have success.

Brown Trout Flyfishing Maryland
Pre-spawn colors make for beautiful fish

Fish are very active and generally are fighting aggressively.  Water temperatures are still warm enough that exploring the lower sections of the river (down to Glencoe, for example) can still be fun and productive.  Minimal didymo means nymphing is still fun.  Generally, this is one of my favorite times of year on the river.

The only caveat at this point is that you need to be careful not to disturb spawning trout…