The Gunpowder can be an exceptionally fun river to fish.  It can also be tough at times. Knowing where to go and how to approach these selective browns can make a huge difference.

James Kibler Flyfishing the Gunpowder

I guide and outfit out of Backwater Angler in Monkton, Maryland.  Located within 10 minutes of five public access points to the Gunpowder, Backwater is the closest full service fly shop to the river.


Trips are 4 or 6 hours, for 1 or 2 people.  You can bring your own gear, or I will provide it for you, from rod and reel to waders and boots.  Nearly all trips are on the Gunpowder, although conditions might send us to Little Falls or other local tributaries.  6 hour trips include a streamside lunch.  Fees range from $275 for 1 person/4 hours to $375 for 2 people/6 hours.

Trips are tailored to your skill level and interest.  Unlike a lot of guides, I actually like working with beginners.


I’m a college professor, so I tend to think of things in terms of college courses… I offer two types of flyfishing courses–Flyfishing 101 and Flyfishing 201.

-Flyfishing 101 is an introduction to the sport.  3 hours (1 hour streamside, 2 hours on the river) in which we discuss:

  • Knots
  • Insects that trout eat and the artificial flies that imitate them
  • Reading trout streams
  • Basic casting, mending, and line management
  • Fishing dry flies, nymphs, wet flies, and stream
  • Safely landing, handling, and releasing trout
  • All the equipment you really need to get started

All equipment is provided, unless you want to bring your own.

-Flyfishing 201 covers more advanced skills, based on the interests of the client.  Topics could include:

  • Indicator nymphing
  • Slackline casting techniques
  • Prospecting with dry flies
  • Fly selection to ‘match the hatch’
  • How to fish specific hatches/sections of the river

If you are interested in learning a specific skill, ask.  Most likely I’ll be able to help you out or know someone who can.

Want more information on guide services?  Want to book a trip?  Call the shop at 410-357-9557 (tell them James sent you) or contact me below.




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