Gunpowder Fishing Report, 10/9/2014

Wow.  One of the thousand things I love about flyfishing for trout is that even when you think you’ve got it all figured out, the river can give you something you never expected.  Sometimes that’s good, sometimes its a skunking, but always it reminds you that when you are fishing you are part of a natural system that there is no way to fully predict.

Gunpowder River Md Brown Trout
Nice Gunpowder brown trout

In the last several days, flows have gone from a steady 37cfs to over 100cfs this morning when I arrived at the river.  Driving through Masemore on my way elsewhere, I was stopped in my tracks by the number of fish rising in the flats.  With a little more water and a nice hatch, the trout felt like it was time to come out and play.

The olive hatch this morning was amazing.  I saw good numbers of both olives and tricos.  Fish were rising everywhere, and it was tough to get the trout to notice my fly with all the naturals on the water.  And takes were subtle.  Very subtle.  I missed four before I caught my first.

I had success with a variety of flies.  Olive emerger patterns were effective, as were tiny parachute adamses and tiny unusuals. Honestly, I think today was the best fishing I’ve seen since the sulphurs.


2 thoughts on “Gunpowder Fishing Report, 10/9/2014

  1. Julia Wheeler October 9, 2014 / 9:56 pm

    Jim, I was just reading your report after fishing this afternoon at Masemore too. It was one of the best days in quite a long time – risers to BWO’s, bivisibles and caddis. What a great time of year to be out on the stream.
    Your reports are excellent – I enjoy reading them in advance of planning trips to the Gunpowder. Maybe we’ll run into each other on the stream one day.
    Best regards, Julia Wheeler

    • jakibler October 10, 2014 / 12:47 pm

      Thanks for your comment! I am glad you are enjoying the stream reports. Yesterday was a special day, I think, although it would be great if the river continues to fish that way.

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